Children's Bible Club Partner Attacked!

June 17, 2011

Your prayers are urgently needed!

We just received news of a brutal attack on Anjas, a Mission India partner.

Anjas was on his way to finalize some details for a prayer event that night. He expected a large crowd, and he was excited to see how God would heal and touch people!

Driving through the marketplace, he had to slow his motorbike. Five men blocked his path.

Suddenly, one of the men was pushed into Anjas’ motorbike. Anjas stopped. Immediately, the five men surrounded him.

And they were not alone. Soon, an angry mob of fifty gathered around Anjas.

The mob began shouting. “Why are you converting Hindus to Christianity?” they demanded. “Why have you brought these programs and ministries to our village?”

The crowd dragged Anjas off of his bike. Lying on the ground, Anjas tried to shield himself with his arms. The men kicked him…and punched him…over, and over, and over. Anjas lost consciousness. Stealing Anjas’ motorbike, the crowd dispersed.

Local Christians rushed Anjas to the hospital.

The next thing Anjas knew, he was staring up into white lights in the Intensive Care Unit. The doctors told him to stay in bed. “You are suffering from mental shock, and you are badly wounded. It will take time to heal.”

Anjas has just been released from the hospital, but he is discouraged by this violent attack on him.

Pray that the Lord will provide Anjas with tremendous strength and courage
to continue to carry out his work among the children and villagers.