How do you transform a nation of
1+ billion? You start with one child.

Get a glimpse of life for India's kids and discover how you can help change lives through Children's Bible Clubs.

India is home to boys and girls with tremendous needs.

Illiteracy, child labor, child marriage, and the oppressive caste system are just some of the challenges they face every day.

That’s where Mission India’s Children’s Bible Clubs (and you!) come in. These 10-day Clubs give kids the chance to just be kids—play games, sing songs, hear stories, make new friends, and smile.

At the Bible Clubs, girls and boys are transformed as they discover the love of Jesus.

And these “little evangelists” can’t keep the Good News to themselves! Kids joyfully share about Jesus with their family and friends. One changed life can ripple out to impact an entire community.

Each $1 you give introduces another boy or girl
to Jesus through a Children's Bible Club